BMR Napa AutoCare offers hot advice about keeping your car cool for the season ahead

Cooling system problems are the most common reason for mechanical failure in Sacramento. And, they’re largely avoidable. Here’s a few things you need to know about your cooling system. First, the terms coolant and antifreeze are pretty much used interchangeably in California. The fluid cools your engine while it’s running and it keeps it from freezing when it’s cold.

Your cooling system is filled with a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze/coolant. So if you’re topping off antifreeze/coolant, it is vital to add the proper amount of each. Distilled water is much better than tap water. Now you can buy pre-mixed coolant so make sure you know what you’re putting in.

Two more tips we want to offer is: first, never add coolant when the engine is hot. This can lead to serious burns. Second, there are many antifreeze formulas. Your manufacturer recommends a specific type that won’t harm your cooling system components. Use the wrong fluid and you could void your cooling system warranty. Your knowledgeable BMR AutoCare service advisor can help you with all this at either of our two locations

All auto makers have schedules for when you should change your coolant. It’s vital to follow the schedule, because neglecting your cooling system allows the fluid to become corrosive. You’ll get leaks which can lead to expensive damage. Check with one of our our service advisors at BMR AutoCare to see if it’s time for a cooling system inspection and service. You can stop in or give us a call at 916-676-0010.

The best advice we can give you about making sure your cooling system won’t let you down is don’t wait for several weeks down the road when the temperatures are scorching, get your car in now to have its cooling system checked out before it fails, not only making you leaving you stranded on one hot afternoon but almost always resulting in much more costly repairs and engine damage that can incur from avoiding regular maintenance of your system. At BMR Napa AutoCare we offer a FREE 35-point courtesy inspection with any service, so by coming in for a simple signature oil change our technicians will look your car over and advise you of anything concerning with your coolant, belts, hoses and more.

BMR Napa AutoCare can save you time, money and give you peace of mind by taking great care of your vehicle whether it is your air conditioning or anything.  We do all things automotive from our pit stop oil change to the most serious of problems that will be addressed by our ASE Certified Mechanics who install quality NAPA replacement parts on all of our services that we provide. We do everything from oil changes to engine changes right here at our local facilities that provide superior customer service and quality, honest auto repair. To learn more about our services visit us on the web at

BMR Napa AutoCare is located at 900 Riverside Drive in Roseville, CA, 96678, which is home to our 7 time championship NASCAR team that you can see in action when you visit the shop. For those of you that live closer to Citrus Heights, Antelope and Rio Linda, we are also located at 8636 Antelope North Road, Antelope, CA 95843. 916-676-0010.